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Alanya Castle

Make sure you plan in advance to visit Alanya Castle. You can start the tour by visiting Kızılkule, Alanya Shipyard and Tophane in the harbor area. Another suggestion is to walk up to the castle by car.

Alanya Castle consists of three parts above. These are İçkale, Ehmedek (Ortakale) and Dış castle. Akşebe Mescit and Mausoleum and Süleymaniye Mosque are the works that should be visited.

Note: You can visit the Castle of Ehmedek on the condition that you will be in the same day with the ticket you will get at the entrance of Alanya Castle. So don't throw away your ticket. There is a separate entrance fee for the following Kızılkule.

Kizil Kule

Kizil Kule is one of the most historical places in Alanya, Antalya region where is major destination globally. It is built by Alaaddin Keykubat, a great Seljukian Sultain in 13th century. The architect of the building is Ebu Ali Reha el Kettani of Aleppo. Kizil Kule, an octagon structure is built to aim for protecting the harbor from naval attacks.

The exact date to build is considered as April 1226; and on the facade, it is written “Sukran to Allah” and a text to mention about Alaaddin Keykubat. During the construction; limestone on the lower sections and bricks for the upper ones are used and the height of the tower is 33 meters long. The bricks used for building give the name to the tower: Kizil Kule or Red Tower. The structure has 5 floors with an astonishing architectural design: main floor, first floor, mezzanine floor, open floor and the terrace.

Alanya Archaeological Museum

Alanya Archeology Museum is located in the center of Alanya. It is close to Damlataş Cave and very easy to reach.

It has been renovated in recent years. It is a beautiful museum with both garden arrangements and hall arrangements. The richness of the exhibited works is another reason for visiting. If you travel to Alanya, you must visit and visit.

The garden of the museum is arranged as an open exhibition; and the necropolises of the Roman period were explained with the ostotecs specific to the region (bone-ash storage box). Ostoteks constitute an important part of the museum's collection and it is possible to see unique examples here.

Dim River

In the region starting from just below the Dim Dam, which is located on the Dim River, almost up to the coast of Tosmur, various picnic areas, restaurants and tea gardens serve for tourism. Sitting on the platforms built on the cool waters of tea in warm weather, eating, drinking tea creates a different environment.

The distance of Dim Dam to Alanya center is approximately 16 km. The main road on the beach is 9 km away. There is rafting on Dim Dam which is above the dam. On the road leading to the dam is the Dim Cave junction. If you want to visit Dim Cave and watch the Dim River valley from a bird's eye view, you can use this road.

Dim Cave

Dim Cave is 11 km away from the center of Alanya. Dim Cave can be reached from Kestel Town, Dim Çay Valley and Tosmur Town via asphalt roads. When you continue on the road opposite the entrance of Alanya Faculty of Business, this road leads directly to the cave.

Dim Cave is 232 m above sea level and is located on the western slope of Cebel Reis Mountain with a height of 1691 m. With its stalactites and stalagmites, the small lake offers a great visual feast for the traveler. There are 2 halls inside the cave. The right side of the entrance is 50 m long and the left is approximately 350 m long. There is a cool air of 18-19ºC in the cave. It is operated by a private company. The company has made beautiful arrangements inside and outside the cave, the environment is clean and well-maintained.

Syedra Antique City

It is located within the borders of Seki Village, 22 km away from Alanya town center. After the main road, a narrow asphalt road continues until about 1 km to the ancient city. You can park your car behind the old school. Then the dirt road starts. However it is possible to continue with the terrain vehicle (June 2016) need to climb more than 1 km from the dirt road. At that time, the works on arranging walkways and cleaning the scrub area in the ancient city are continuing. Alanya District Governorate supports all kinds of activities in order to put this area into the service of tourism. On a dirt road, it can become normal vehicles can come out in time. Those who want to see the ancient city of Syedra should be ready for a tight walk. Don't forget to take water with you while climbing the city. The view from the ancient city is beautiful.

Alara River

Alara Stream is a stream that flows from the Taurus Mountains at an altitude of 2,647 and flows through the greens approximately 62 km long and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Today's name is Ulugüney Stream. It is reached from Okurcalar Town of Alanya.

The rafting and canoeing trail at the top of the Alara River starts in Güzelbağ town and ends at Alara Castle. You can also have picnic, swimming, hiking, fishing and photography activities in Alara Creek which has many fish restaurants around. You can visit Alara Castle and Alara Han. It is a pleasure to swim in the extremely cool waters of tea. Alara Han is about 38 km from Alanya and 39 km from Side. You can spend a nice day in the region with history and natural beauties.

Alanya Observation Terrace

Alanya Municipality has a viewing terrace parking area 650 meters above sea level. It is convenient and easy to reach by asphalt road. Alanya is a beautiful park, picnic and relaxation area where you can watch bird's eye view from a very wide angle.

In Alanya, there is a signposted entrance on Keykubat Boulevard (Antalya-Mersin Highway). If you go straight ahead after you set the road, you can go from the old road (Yayla Yolu) to the first right double road and go 3 km from the new road to reach the terraces.

There are seating areas, picnic tables, buffets and tea gardens in the viewing terraces area. Breakfast in this region is very popular.

Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon in Alanya is 45.1 km away from the city center and the journey takes around 59 minutes. The Sapadere Canyon path has impressive and beautiful views as well as the canyon itself.

Sapadere Canyon can be reached by private tours and private vehicles. There are no scheduled flights. The town of Demirtas is 15 km from the canyon and provides access to the canyon.

At the entrance of the canyon, which is 750 meters long, there is an area where you can easily park your car, artificial ponds, a single restaurant, a picnic area and a gift shop. Entrance is chargeable.

Tersane Beach

It is a small beach located in front of the walls between Kızılkule and Tersane in Alanya. The beach can be reached from the area in front of Kızılkule by passing through a historic gate and down the stairs. The beach is pebble. The color harmony in the sea looks more beautiful from the terrace of Kızılkule. It is debatable whether this beach is named or not however the name of Tersane Beach is correct and the beach is open to be used.

After visiting Kızılkule, Shipyard and Tophane or when you go down to Alanya Castle and Ehmedek and go downstairs, you can swim in this beach in history. You can also benefit from the cafeterias located in the orange groves at the back of the walls. This beach is one of the favorite swimming areas of boat trips.

Alanya Boat Tour

Boat tours are organized regularly in Alanya during the tourism season. Alanya boat tours start in April and continue until the end of October. Alanya boat trips are among the most popular trips in Alanya. Boat tours are done with private boats built and decorated for this purpose (Pirate). Alanya Yacht Tours is among the must-do for those who want to swim in the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, cool off and have fun with animation shows.

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